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About Reggio Emilia

Christmas webThe Reggio Emilia approach stems from a innovative and successful programme developed in Italy which has received International recognition.

The Reggio Emilia philosophy is based on the following key aspects:

The Image of the Child is full of understanding and knowledge.
Teachers as Partners contribute to the learning process.  Teachers observe and listen to children carefully asking questions to discover children’s ideas, hypotheses and theories using the understanding they gain to act as a resource for children.
The Environment acts as the third teacher in both the inside and outside environments, fostering encounters, communication and relationships.
Projects originate from a chance experience, an event, idea or a problem posed by one or more children, or an experience initiated directly by teachers.  They can last from a few days to a few weeks and are introduced to provoke children’s creative thinking and problem solving thereby opening different avenues of exploration.

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The child is made up of one hundred…….

The child has a hundred languages
A hundred hands
A hundred thoughts
A hundred ways of thinking
Of playing, of speaking.
A hundred, always a hundred
Ways of listening
Of marveling
Of loving
A hundred joys for singing
And understanding
A hundred worlds to discover
A hundred worlds to invent
A hundred words to dream.

The child has a hundred languages
(and a hundred hundred hundred more!)
but they steal ninety-nine
the school and the culture
separate the head from the body.

They tell the child to think
Without hands,
To do without head
To listen and not speak
To understand without joy
To love and marvel
Only at Easter and Christmas.

They tell the child
To discover the world already there
And of the hundred
They steal ninety-nine.
They tell the child that
Work and play
Reality and imagination
Sky and earth
Reason and dream
Are things
That do not belong together.
And thus they tell the child
That the hundred is not there.

The child says:
No way. The hundred is there!

Loris Malaguzzi.