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Pukeko Room - Getting Ready for School

Read about Pukeko Room Philosophy

Starting school is an important and very exciting stage of life for children and their families. Many parents often ask how the Pukeko Room can help prepare their child for school.   We understand that all children develop at different ages and stages and we cater for these individual needs. We believe that children’s learning is a progression of gaining skills, knowledge and experiences throughout a whole day’s curriculum.

The development of gross and fine motor skills plays a large role in learning. We encourage the development of these skills by providing opportunities where children can run, jump, roll, balance, catch and throw, as well as draw, cut, write, paint, build and complete puzzles.

Literacy is a large part of our day. Quiet reading spaces and a variety of books are readily available for children to read, as well as teacher lead reading sessions, with questioning. A literacy area provides the children an area where they are exposed to writing materials, everyday words & letters. We have a sign in area, where children learn to recognise & write their names. Speaking and listening skills are developed through a variety of activities. We have a daily meeting time, where children are able to share news, discuss happenings in their playtime and engage in songs, storytelling and music.

Basic mathematics involves more than numbers. Children engage in activities that help them notice patterns, shapes, sizes, order and begin to recognise numbers.

We are strong believers in independence and encourage children to complete tasks that allow them to develop their self-help skills from an early age. These tasks can be as simple as putting away an activity, placing their glass & bowl away at the end of a meal, putting their own jacket on or washing their hands. Every time a child attempts a task for themselves, their independence and self-satisfaction develops.

Socially we encourage children interact with other people as it fosters self-confidence. Children are given opportunity to learn the skills of turn-taking, sharing and co-operation, by working with peers & adults.

Children are encouraged to share their ideas and engage in open-ended questions. Extending the children’s existing knowledge base ensures that children will be life-long enquirers, who can direct their own learning with guidance. We display children’s work, so they can to celebrate their learning and assist them in developing their reflective thinking.